Child's Pose

MAE Technique

Callanetics MAE Technique uses small, precise movements to tighten and reshape your body quickly while increasing strength, flexibility and body alignment.  Callanetics is non-impact and easy on the joints.  Classes are for all ages and fitness levels.

BALLET barre

Barre is a body conditioning workout at the barre using classical ballet movements. 

A flowing but challenging workout that sculpts the body from head to toe.  Classes are for all ages and fitness levels.


Stretch Yoga Pose



Pilates is the connection of the mind, body and spirit.  Classes concentrate on strengthening the body while improving postural alignment and flexibility with an emphasis on core strength.  Movements are slow, precise, flowing  and combine breath control.  Classes are for all ages and fitness levels.

stretch & relax

Stretch and relax workshops release, realign, restore and relax the body from head to toe.  Starting by gently getting the body moving, mobilised and warmed up, then gently stretching to feel lengthened and looser before finishing with a guided relaxation practice to clear your mind.